Private Session with Ameen

guidance into self-realization

Realizing Freedom


Do you ever wonder whether it ́s possible to change so profoundly that you see yourself and the world through different eyes? Do you long for a life of freedom, clarity and well-being?

The journey into awakening can be so subtle and complex that for most people, the support and guidance of an awakened being – who has walked the same path – proves to be greatly beneficial. A qualified teacher can offer valuable guidance and direct transmission of awakened awareness. By cultivating deeper silence and greater presence, and by liberating yourself from psychological conflicts, you will begin to integrate your forgotten self into your daily living. You will create an undeniable change in the way you relate to yourself and to life.

Private Sessions


A private consultation with Ameen is a uniquely personalized opportunity to take your development to the next level. Wherever you are in your process of awakening and self-mastery, the focus of these sessions naturally gravitates to what is most alive for you in this moment. Working directly with Ameen will help you gain an accurate understanding of the workings of your mind. You will begin to see how it creates identifications, attachments, separation from others, and how it causes suffering. Seeing all this with real clarity is the first step in freeing yourself from it. When the actual mechanism of your conditioning becomes conscious, it will no longer be able to exert power over you. What happens next is truly healing. Your self-contraction relaxes. The noisy restlessness of your mind quiets down – and a quality of open attentive awareness takes its place… Bit by bit your True Self becomes the center of your existence.

Many have dubbed the deep transformational work that usually emerges during these one-on-one occasions to be an invaluable source of support and inspiration in their ongoing unfolding as awakening and maturing human beings

Topics explored in a Private session

dissolving your shadows

developing discernment and keen awareness

Using negative emotions as leverage for awakening

Cultivating sincerity as your guiding light

awakening your inner master

Activating your unique creative expression

Absorbtion into consciousness

This process will enable you to


Experience every moment as fresh and new

Go through challenging times with ease and lightness

Make decisions with clarity and without conflict

Feel intimate with others in any given situation

Be self-sufficient and content without needing anything from others

Experience deep unconditional self-love

Express yourself fully, free from inhibitions

Align with your deepest intuition

Be unaffected by past trauma

What happens after booking


After booking, Ameen will contact you to arrange a common date for your private session.

It is only possible to book individual sessions with Ameen in advance. After the session you will decide if further accompaniment makes sense. Only if it does, Ameen will offer to accompany you in a deeper process of awakening and self-mastery.