Let your own sincerity transform you…

SINCERITY UNCOMPROMISED explores the multi-layered relationship between spiritual awakening and psychological shadow work, both through Ameen’s own challenging ordeal of waking up, and – more universally – through his teachings.

But what makes this book unique is that it also details the trials and pitfalls of life after awakening. Because the nuts and bolts of the post-awakening domain are rarely spoken about, there is a scarcity of material on this subject. Yet, this book withholds nothing. It speaks candidly, vulnerably and transparently about the nuances of spiritual transformation.

Reading it brings the process of waking up closer to home. It will appeal to all who aspire to bring a more awakened awareness into their everyday lives.

Ameen is a teacher of non-duality, inspiring people to wake up, and live from a non-separate intimacy with life. For almost two decades, he has been guiding people from all over the world to realize their own true nature – free from existential anxiety and inner restlessness.


The wisdom to deepen your awakened awareness and grow into a freedom that is both beyond life, and radically in the midst of it.

→  Practical, hands-on ways to deal with your shadow reactivity that pulls you out of your center; makes you lose your presence and disconnects you from the vibrant power of your own authenticity.

→  Learning to master the skill of reconnecting to the extraordinary transformational power of your own sincerity and grow into a non-separate intimacy with life.

→  Learning how to access the state of absolute clarity, intimacy and well-being that lies beyond your constant psychological struggle, fear, inner restlessness, confusion and existential anxiety.

→ A realistic, non-traditional view of spiritual awakening, and a candid, open-hearted, transparent report about the pitfalls of life after

→  And lots of inspiration, encouragement and support for your own journey of awakening into freedom…



Sincerity Uncompromised is a spiritual gem, which has the potential to become a classic in the realm of Self-discovery. Ameen’s wisdom will easily connect with the mind and heart of any genuine seeker of Truth.

He is a powerful authentic teacher—wise, subtle, deep, compassionate and accessible. Seek him out.


Spiritual Teacher

“This book is a valuable resource to practitioners who long to explore deeper mystical realities, but are committed to living their insights amidst the challenges of daily life and relationship.

Not stopping at a more limited and transcendent notion of awakening, but allowing himself to be taught and informed by the challenges that his early awakening brought – particularly in relationship to human intimacy – Ameen inspires us to embrace both psychological and spiritual awakening together as part and parcel of a sincere and fully lived human life.

Mariana Caplan

PhD. MFT, Author of Yoga & Psyche: Integrating the Paths of Yoga and Psychology for Healing, Transformation, and Joy, and Eyes Wide Open: Cultivating Discernment on the Spiritual Path

This beautiful book is a must read for everybody who wants to find their inner jewel.

Ameen’s way of staying in touch with his own authentic core in the midst of life challenges and adversity is truly inspirational. His journey depicts a refreshing sincerity. Other than the depth of his spiritual awakening, which blessed him with true freedom, he also describes the remarkable process of awakening to his soul-nature —a rarely described development that moved him into a life of greater peace and wholeness. This book is unique in that it simply, yet powerfully, transmits the power of standing in your own truth.

Patricia San Pedro

Four-time Emmy award winner and author of The Cancer Dancer—Healing: One Step at a Time

Ameen’s awakening was without the guidance of a spiritual teacher or lineage or the support of a tradition. He has crafted his own original path, focused only on the path of waking up and cleaning up. Not being in any tradition, his work is free from tradition and can serve as both an introduction and as an inspiration for the growing number of practitioners entering the Path, who are passionate about realizing their potential.

The writing has a very personal, inspiring, and beautiful flow to it.

Genpo Roshi

creator of the Big Mind Process, Abbot of Kanzeon Inc. and author of Spitting out the Bones

What a welcome breath of fresh air! Ameen’s Sincerity Uncompromised is the splendid voice of a spontaneously integral and integrative life-journey and teaching. Ameen’s story and his wisdom speak directly not only, in his words, to our potential spiritual ‘freedom from life’, but also to our in many ways much more elusive ‘wholeness in life.’ This distinction, and the revelation of the ‘seamless oneness’ of these apparent opposites, have been the foundation of my own orientation and approach for over a quarter of a century. It’s one that to this day, truth be told, I do not feel many teachers, never mind aspirants, have really grappled with in a no-holds-barred way.

The damn-the-torpedoes, unflinching experimental rigor of Ameen’s lifelong inquiry into reality… his excruciating ordeal growing up as a highly sensitive boy and young man in the aggressive macho culture of Israel… the profundity of his eventual establishment in the consciousness that transcends all phenomena… his refusal to allow that freedom to become a shield against his vulnerability, his shadows, and the coming to life of his soul-nature, or an excuse not to embrace teaching, business, marriage, and parenthood—this book should be required reading for serious seekers of truth. More than that, it’s a life-story and communication of whole-being common sense that anyone wanting a reliable compass for living in the 21st century would do well to take to heart.

Saniel Bonder

Founder of Waking Down and author of Healing the Spirit/Matter Split

I think Hans Plasqui has written a book that could and should become a classic of post-post-modern spirituality. It really gets us beyond the starting point—namely waking up.

What happens when you wake up in the morning? Do you say, oh great, I woke up, end of the journey? Not at all! It is just the beginning of a new day, just as birth and rebirth are the beginning of a new story, a new life, and a new cycle. That’s why I found Sincerity Uncompromised so useful and inspiring because it explains in great, very interesting, biographical detail how waking up is a call to further development and creating our individual ego selves to be capable of dealing with and worthy of the gift of awakening. If this is not understood, we can very likely screw everything up and consider our little selves totally unique and thus super special, and start a cult or some other really annoying entity. What often happens is akin to mistaking the starting line of the race for the finish line, or, in other words, not realizing that the journey has just begun.

What this book emphasizes so beautifully is that the awakened journey must include a re-examination of, and redemption of, our individual personal self so as to become a vehicle worthy of the journey of enlightened nondual consciousness. I found Sincerity Uncompromised to be written with great intelligence, exactitude, honesty, and humility. It really is inspiring!

John Dupuy

Founder of Integral Recovery and author of A Revolutionary Approach to the Treatment of Alcoholism

Sincerity Uncompromised is an engaging account of Erez Levitin’s path of awakening. This relevant and informative book looks at the practical implications of waking up in a modern world. Levitin’s and Plasqui’s distinction between spiritual freedom and psychological freedom is an important and insightful one. This book recognizes that spiritual development is more than just anchoring in the absolute, and advocates the value of whole-heartedly engaging life in the relative. Ameen’s story highlights the continued, evolutionary wisdom of the soul’s journey.

Ameen’s teachings seem practical and accessible. This book speaks to the value of shadow work and how it can enhance spiritual growth. The biographical portion of the book is captured through a unique and engaging objective account of Ameen’s journey, which is followed by an interview-style dialogue to capture his teachings. It’s a clear, easy, enjoyable, and informative read.

Cindy Lou Golin

PhD, Leadership Coach and Integral Facilitator Faculty; teaches courses on Shadow and Integral Theory and Practice

The words ‘spirituality’, ‘enlightenment’, and ‘awakening’ have become hopelessly polluted with wrong-headed ideas, spiritual projections, guru-worship, and expectations that are so far removed from the real meaning and power of those words as to make them nearly useless.

Ameen is offering a bold and brave take on how we might define a spiritual life and spiritual practice for the 21st century and beyond, one rooted in a grounded understanding of what awakening really is—and isn’t. Deep spiritual insights can change your life in ways you can’t imagine, but they are also no magic bullet. There is no escaping our humanness, our psychological shadows, our bad morning breath, or so many other things that make us such noble, and such flawed, creatures. Ameen demonstrates that awakening will take you to your knees, and is also the most ordinary and everyday thing you can ever experience. This book is must-read for anyone seriously on the path to awakening, where liberation isn’t about transcending life but about awakening inside the pull and push of the everyday. Read this and gain a much better and more accurate understanding of what the journey of awakening is really all about.

Keith Martin Smith

Zen priest and award-winning author of A Heart Blown Open: The Life and Practice of Zen Master Jun Po Denis Kelly Roshi