"Sincerity is the voice of the true heart. It is that mysterious inspiration, rising up from that part in you that is already awake. Your sincerity therefore, carries a radical awakening power – calling you to re-align yourself again and again, with your own true north."

the teaching


The bright promise of spiritual life has always been one of radical transformation. At its core, it contains a call to transcend the ego; wake up to your true self; and live an awakened life of freedom and profundity.

For Ameen, such an awakened life means both spiritual freedom and human maturity.

Spiritual freedom is the path of waking up to your true self.
It is the recognition that who you are – prior to the mental-emotional restlessness and existential anxiety of your everyday egoic awareness – is consciousness itself; one without a second. Realizing this is radical freedom. It allows you to move through life with open, attentive presence, fully relaxed into whatever is arising. You will effectively live in a non-separate intimacy with life.

Human maturity is the path of growing up as your relative self.
Waking up as the oneness of your true self – however impactful – is not the end game. Life also calls on us to express this oneness into daily life. Our relative self is our instrument of expression. Developing it further allows us to more fully manifest truly enlightened virtues like goodness, truth and beauty. The more fine-tuned our instrument becomes, the brighter the light of consciousness will shine through us.

For Ameen, an awakened life is utterly free, and at the same time, deeply human and profoundly sane.

Working with him is to embark on a journey that integrates the core truths of our spiritual and psychological dimensions. You will explore the contents of the mind, including its shadows, as well as learn to transcend the mind altogether.

Only when you invest the right kind of attention in waking up and growing up, can the bright promise of a genuine nondual realization be fulfilled: Living a freedom that is both beyond life, and radically in the midst of it.


The 4 Pillars of Practice

Ameen’s teaching is centered around four pillars of practice: silence, sincerity, discernment and shadow work.

Together they cover the core dimensions of our inner reality as human beings: Spirit, soul, mind and unconscious mind. All these dimensions of ourselves require appropriate attention. If one or more of them are neglected, it compromises our over-all growth. Even if we have awakened to the great state of freedom from life, as Spirit, as long as any of the other core dimensions have not yet been fully inhabited, and brought into a condition of basic sanity, our freedom in life is bound to remain partial.

Thus, practicing these four pillars together awakens and enlivens the whole you.


Cultivating silence wakes us up to Spirit – which is the pure awareness, clarity, transparency and stillness that is our true nature.


Sincerity is the voice of our soul – which is the most subtle part of our relative identity. Our sincerity is our guiding light on the path, for it is nothing but an expression of our own deepest wisdom.


Sharpening our discernment is bringing clarity to our mind – which is our finest instrument to see right through the patterns of our egoic design.


Shadow work cleans up the sticky patterns of our unconscious mind – which is the ground work for any further development. When you re-own your shadows, you will show up more authentic, more open, more vibrant and more natural – and others will feel this in your energy.